Yummy burger

How much do you really need to eat? And what does your wallet have to say about it?

Yummy burger

Two bananas cost approximately 50 cents in an ordinary supermarket. A steak dinner in a pretentious restaurant costs about 40 Euros.
The first meal contains enough energy to keep you going for half a day. So does the other, and more, yet most goes to waste.
The price difference is 80:1. Now ask yourself, how much do you spend on food, snacks and “candy” drinks (frappuccinos, cappuccinos etc.?)
This post is all about awareness on how much money you spend on your food and nutrition intake. Most of us aren’t really thinking that much about it, yet the costs can be staggering.
How about a raw fresh pressed juice for 8 Euros? Or a Burger King meal for around 9 Euros? The first you can make yourself. And the second, well, let’s not dwell too much on the health hazards that come with fast foods, especially the burger swamp out there.
Listen, it’s not about giving up all these treats in one go. It’s more about limiting the intake. In coming posts we will will also consider the costs involved with unhealthy (and healthy) food that we purchase on the go.