Apple and measurement tape

Work those muscles, but eat properly

Apple and measurement tape
Apple and measurement tape

Plenty of people focus so much on the training, the different exercises and working out as often as possible. That’s not sustainable. Moreover, if you don’t consider what you eat and drink, all those carefully designed workout sessions might lead to very little fitness gain.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Or, how about “you are what you eat”? We’re not going to be too obsessed with numbers here (like when you step onto that scale). But both sayings illustrate something and that is that your food routine that you have makes all the difference.

Take the first steps to improve your food and drink consumption

  1. Keep a diary for a week that contains the food you ate, the times you ate it and how you felt. The last point is important as this is really the motivator to fix anything that stands out in your current food and drink routines.
  2. Depending on your fitness goals, you will tailor your food and drink intake to it. But there are a few ground rules to think of, to eat healthily:
  3. Avoid processed foods. Look at the list of ingredients and be very careful not to buy anything that has more than, say 5 ingredients in it.
  4. Increase your consumption of whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. Yes, fruit contains sugar but it’s nature’s own sugar.
  5. Do you really need to eat bread? Try to eat whole-grain bread only.
  6. Avoid fast food and deep fried food in particular. If you want to eat junk food, at least cook it yourself! Maybe the process of peeling those potatoes and frying them will help you cut down on the amount you make and eat.
  7. Avoid sugar. This means candy bars, cakes, chocolate and any snacks that contain sugar. Sugar is transformed into fat.
  8. Avoid alcohol. Especially cocktails contain plenty of sugar. Try to go for pure alcholic drinks such as whiskey and the like.