Digital Detox, IT Pro.

A study shows that a digital detox might be good for you

Digital Detox, IT Pro.
Digital Detox, IT Pro.

Scientists at the University of Swansea monitored 144 people, 18 to 33 years, after their online activities. They found that the bodily changes after going offline were similar to what drug addicts experience.

The study also showed that the participants spend roughly five hours per day on Internet.

The heart rate would go up and the blood pressure would rise. When asked, over 40 percent of the participants mentioned that it was difficult to switch off from being connected to Internet.
That’s almost half of the people in the study. It doesn’t come as a big surprise though. Maybe you as an IT professional experience this even more than others. IT pros are connected in many ways, with their work computer (maybe two?), mobile phone (work and private phone?). You get the idea.

Constantly online means concentration issues

What does this do to your health? We can speculate. But one thing is certain, the concentration necessary to maintain a fitness regime is not helped by checking the mobile phone all the time. An inncreased heart rate and blood pressure should really occur as you workout! Not as part of your abstinence syndrome after switching off your mobile phone and laptop. The study also showed that the participants spend roughly five hours per day on Internet. That’s a huge chunk of your day, right there!

Give yourself a break. Disconnect before you workout

Here at IT Pro Workout we would just like to say this: We believe in concentration and focusing on one task at a time. We all have to do multitasking. But for the sake of your own progress when working hard to become fit – Try to stay disconnected before and for a while after your workout. Use that as your me time. The workout will help relieve stress and the lack of notification sounds from various devices will help you to concentrate better.

Read more about the study here. And check out what The Daily Mail had to say about the study.