The 42 Day Challenge for Beach Body 2017

The value of my trusted Reebok DMX Ride running shoes

The 42 Day Challenge for Beach Body 2017
The 42 Day Challenge for Beach Body 2017

They have been with me in three countries. I have worn them when camping, when I’ve gone jogging and when I’ve been leisurely walking down streets in small cities throughout Europe.

My pair of Reebok DMX Ride have been with me for over 10 years. Either I don’t run enough or they really hold up well. I prefer to believe the latter. Although they have travelled with me throughout Europe, I know it’s soon time to part and for me to find a new pair of running shoes. All good things and shoes come to an end.

So that means that once again I have to think about the basics when going to the footwear shop to score a new pair of running shoes. It’s easy to forget the important buyer’s considerations for running shoes. Many focus too much on style. But your cardio workout should not suffer because you didn’t take your time to try out an pair of running shoes that last for some time. If you’re serious about getting fit, you definitely want to go jogging or do some high intensity cardio activities. So you’ll need to run. When you run you need to cushion up to three times your bodyweight. See how that sequence of premises tie nicely into that conclusion. To cushion your feet when you run is really important.

If you look yourself in the mirror and ask out loud: Do I weight enough that needs to bounce right up as I trot down the street or run around on a court? You probably know the answer to that one. Read on..

Go jogging.

Running shoes that can cushion three times your body weight!

We know that cushioning our feet is vital when we are running. But when you run your feet also strike the ground differently than when you are walking. Therefore your running shoes also have to flex the right way when you lift your feet. Now try to visualize yourself running. Your feet hit the ground with different foot strikes in a unique way, it varies from person to person.. You can either hit the ground with the forefoot, heel, or the midfoot. Running shoes are designed to let you take foot strikes with the midfoot first – That’s why you have a higher heel on running shoes. As you land you should roll to the front of your toes. You definitely don’t want to land on your heels, that will just cause loss of momentum.

If you are running and notice that you are constantly striking the ground with your heel first, then you should change shoes. That and it might be a good idea to reconsider your technique.

As I’m writing this and glance to my right, I can almost picture my shoes being all sullen since I’m contemplating a new pair. But they are well worn. And that’s really your goal: Get running shoes and wear them out. That’s enough proof that you’ve been busy.

It’s time for this good old pair to make space for a new pair of running shoes. And isn’t it a treat to go to the shop with these rules of thumb to get a proper pair!

So let’s summarize for your next purchase of running shoes:

  • Get running shoes with a heel that is high enough to allow you to strike the ground midfoot.
  • Make sure that the sole is thick enough to absorbe your weight.

Time to go shopping.