You're not made of sugar. Right?

Rainy autumn? Well, you’re not made of sugar

Autumn is here and weather changes are clearly coming. The morning light shines in through the window later. The sky is often grey and cloudy. Rainfalls begin to greet us as we leave home to go to work.

But these are no excuses to stop exercising. In fact, now is the time when you should use the gusto that you built up in the warm summer months. Now is when you show to yourself that you have learned the important lesson of routine.

Routine, as it happens, is something that you only know that you have mastered when you consistently do the same things over time. It’s comical to see someone state that they have a fitness regimen and a routine after about two to four weeks of working out. No, routine takes longer than that. We do slip with our routine from time to time. But with an established routine you will quickly notice when you are slipping and bounce back, as a mere reflex.

Master routine in different weather and changing seasons

Your fitness routine must withstand the test of nature with changing weather, life and work changes. You can’t stop working out. Because if you do you will have to begin from the beginning again later.

It’s a known fact that many start out on their fitness journey full of zeal and grandiose goals. More often than not, the same people tend to stop midway, or even earlier. They put the bar too high, allotted to little time to get into the routine, work or personal life changes prevented them from seeing it through.

The reasons are many but as you talk with people about getting fit you notice that the same reasons are heard over and over again.

So what you do not be one of the quitters?

Understand your potential and your limitations. Be enthusiastic but also remain realistic. Don’t set your goals to high. Only compete with yourself. Most importantly, after you have designed your fitness plan, ask yourself this: Can I maintain this fitness regimen whether I have a lot going on at work or in my personal life? Will seasonal changes make it very difficult to pursue this?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then plan for the tweaking of your fitness plan. That’s right – Plan for change. Get ready from the get-go that you will tailor your fitness plan according to changing circumstances.

The goal here is simple: Never ever quit. Never ever stop entirely.

If this means adjusting your food intake as you workout less regularly, then so be it. Balance your workout regimen with the daily stress and obligations. Be flexible and realize that the goal should be to increase overall fitness and happiness over time.

Cheer up! You’re not made of sugar

So it started raining, you have a cough and you can’t get rid of the outcome of that bad meeting at work. Welcome to life. You still want to be fit. It’s known that being fit and exercising does help your overall mood. Be a fighter. Stay optimistic. And hey, you’re not made of sugar so a bit of rain won’t hurt if you go for a short run.

Do something. Never submit to doing nothing. And remember, by staying active, by changing your fitness regimen as circumstances require, you are admitting fitness into your life. It becomes part of your life. Just like food, the necessary walk to a shop, doing laundry and everything else.

My bet is that over time you will look forward to working out much more than doing laundry. 😉