Woman tying running shoes.Woman tying running shoes.

How simple it can be to stay in shape

Let’s state some given facts. You are an IT professional and you sit too much in your line of work. Not only that, but you move too little in your free time. Furthermore you have come to the point where you want to change it. To change it require a game plan and a goal. You want to become fit. But fitness can mean so many different things depending on the person defining it.

So the next question to you is: What is fitness to you? Does it mean being able to walk up those stairs without finding yourself out of breath? Does it mean being able to run that marathon, no matter how fast or slow, just to make it all the way around the course? Or, does it mean to become lean and mean, way above the average level of fitness, pushing yourself to your limits when it comes to endurance and strength training?

Swap Netflix for some jogging..

Netflix, computer games, scripting and 3D animation. Mate, we know how much fun it all is! We’re in the same boat together. The only issue is we’re sitting on our expanding butts as we are enjoying the digital buzz.

So how difficult is it to stay in shape? Let’s say you have a normal metabolism, have a normal food intake with around 1500 kcal per day and do some simple exercises a few times per day. Well, that’s it. It should be that simple. As soon as you start diverging from one of these simple rules, then your physical health starts to deteriorate.

Start your fitness journey now

ITProWorkout is here to help you find a fitness routine that suits you and to make it part of your lifestyle. Hey, we know, you like your computer and tablet. That’s fine. All you need is to learn how to fit some physical exercises into your life and remember the importance of consistency and routine. ITProWorkout is here for just that purpose.