Streetlamp in autumn.

When the going gets tough, you… workout

Streetlamp in autumn.

It’s autumn again and the suntan of the summer is long gone. For those of us who were super sporty and doing outdoorsy sports in summer, this is the season of more indoor fitness activities.

So what can happen? What usually happens for many enthusiastic fitness IT professionals.. We spend more time in front of the computer, the cold weather of autumn combined with the relatively short days make it even easier to sit in front of computer screens for hours at an end.

Stick to your routine

This is the time to prove to yourself that you have established a fitness regimen, a routine to stick to. Yeah, you might feel too tired to go jogging, or to make it to the gym for that late evening class after work. But for every little step you take, every time you actually go, you fulfill a promise to yourself. And hey, think ahead. Christmas is around the corner and if you workout well enough, you can indulge yourself with a few days of Christmas food. Take this opportunity to show yourself that you have mastered your fitness regimen. Show yourself that you can stick to it regardless of sun, rain, long or short days.

Stick to it.