Coming out of winter hibernation.

Don’t let spring catch you unprepared

Over the winter months we all get used to more layers of clothes. Christmas and New Year’s Eve make their entrance with food and drink in plenty. Many gain weight those crucial winter months before and just after the turn of the year.

Then.. Spring arrives! You start stripping off the layers of clothing only to find that you self-image of yourself as super fit simply doesn’t hold up well when you put on a tee shrit and the summery pair of jeans.

Ouch. The sun is shining and you feel nothing like fit or ready for the coming summer.

It’s time to boost your energy levels and dust off those kettlebells and gym shoes. You need to get into shape and there is precious little time before summer arrives and the gong gong sounds and it’s beach time!

Let’s look at eight simple steps to take when you are coming out of winter hibernation and want to get into shape.

  1. Loose the extra fat in your diet, if you don’t need it, don’t eat it. Count those calories.
  2. Don’t eat late in the evening, as in two hours before going to bed.
  3. How far do you walk every day? Skip the public transport, use a bike and use the staircases.
  4. Build up your core and leg strength with situps, squats, and plank exercises. Remember to mix them up to focus on your obliques also.
  5. Eat properly, small meals several times during day. Limit your calorie intake with little effort by skipping snack bars, fast food and soft drinks.
  6. Remind yourself of where you usually gain fat and work extra hard to move those parts of the body.
  7. Don’t sit still all day at work. Get up and move around every hour for at least five minutes.
  8. Go jogging or Scandinavian walking to increase your cardio fitness.