Running in autumn.

What happens to the beach body in autumn?

It’s autumn again and the glory of our mahogany coloured bodies are beginning to wane. The sun dips beneath the horizon earlier every day. And we decrease our parading about with sunglasses showing of our tanned bodies.
At the same time, Netflix, sitting in bars and restaurants indulging ourselves with tasty food and drinks. As autumn has officially arrived, our daily rhythm has changed. Partially the lack of light adds to the equation.

The net result? Most people work out less, move around less, and eat more unhealthy food.

Your promise to yourself this autumn

This time of year makes it very easy to lose some of your fitness discipline. So promise yourself to keep yourself in check. If it’s necessary, keep a daily dairy to record the time and effort you put into maintaining your healthy and fit body.

See it as an investment in yourself. You already made an investment in yourself during spring and summer. That was when you worked so hard to build up your body. Don’t let your investment be for nothing – Maintain it.