No more dieting.

Happy New Year and.. will you promise yourself to get fit AGAIN?

No more dieting.
No more dieting.

Please, you’re not going to tell your friends the same worn out New Year’s Eve resolution, are you? Are you really going to bore them again? Pathetic, some would say. Optimistic, others would say. But you do know that when you promise something, you’re meant to keep it. And if you promise yourself, well, you don’t want to cheat on yourself do you?

Fine. So, what will be the target for this year? To get ready for beach 2019? Just like you said you would get into shape for beach 2018, 2017, 2016.. and well, you get it.

Or maybe you told yourself that you would loose x kg per week for a month. To counter for all the food you had over Christmas. Hmm, so a diet eh? Starving yourself for a month just to fall off the wagon again, come February.

Here’s an idea. Why not slowly try to get into shape and stay in shape. Yes, that’s right. Come what come may. Christmas, birthday parties, Netflix n chill evenings. You could balance the intake of healthy and unhealthy food with the amount of physical exercise that you do regularly.

Hey, it’s just an idea. Now get back to your New Year’s Eve preparations, you soon-to-be-fit better version of your 2018 self.

And next year end of December, please spare yourself and your friends those silly get-fit-resolutions. Just do it.