Bicycling in the mountains

3 insights as I reached 200 weekly Heart Points

Today I had it confirmed that I have scored 200 heart points in my Google Fit app. It has been a journey of more than half a year with constant fluctuations as for how many heart points I scored on a weekly basis. The fact that I have been monitoring the progress over two seasons and also changed my lifestyle over time has served well as eye opening exercises. Here are my top five insights that I have learned while on my path to reach the goal 200 heart point per week.

I do not bundle walking and bicycling movement with fitness sessions

Instead of measuring all my fitness and movement using the Google Fit app that I have on my phone, I decided some time ago to use Google Fit as a baseline for daily movement. I only consider walks and bicycle rides with Google Fit. This gives me a good foundation for daily movement to avoid any negative sedentary lifestyle effects.

Daily movement means daily movement

Instead of bundling all the movement into three or four days of the week, I have noticed that it is so much easier to have a daily goal to walk or bicycle at least a bit. If I almost don’t move at all for a few days, the threshold to get going again (literally) is so much more noticeable.

Google Fit app on a phone is just my overall indicator

I don’t consider the Google Fit app on my mobile phone to give me a 100% accurate overview. I am not combining it with a fitness wristwatch (worn all the time), and I measure my fitness sessions separately

I’m happy enough to use app’s scored heart points as an indicator. If I’m close to my goal (like 200) with 10-20 heart points, I am quite satisfied, since the weekly recommendation is below that.

With those three insights, I am now happy to move forward and upward with my Google Fit heart point goals.