42 Day Workout – Day 2



Welcome to day 2! How are you feeling after yesterday? You should feel some muscle fatigue, that is a good sign. The point is too push yourself slightly outside of your comfort zone. By doing this daily, you will gradually become more fit and then, 41 days from now, you’ll be all set for the beach!

Remember our two goals yesterday? Today we have two new goals: Identify which are your strong and weak muscle groups. Second, we want to continue building on the workout routine that we have already started.

The definition of routine: A regular course of procedure. Regular is the keyword here, my friend. What we start, we continue with.

Good morning!

You need to answer the following questions for the future progress.
Do you find it easy to run long distances at a fairly slow pace? Or do you prefer quick and fast sprints?
Do you easily gain weight around the stomach (the good old beer keg and waist handles syndrome)?

The key exercises will be strenghtening your core and increasing your cardiovascular abilities. In short, we want you to be able to keep up the pace when working out, we will focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s time to step up the workout regime a bit.

  • Squats. 2 sets of 20 squats.
  • Front/back Lunges. 2 sets of 20.
  • Side lunges. 2 sets of 20.

Time to work those arms..

  • Pushups. Do 10 pushups, if you’re able to, do another set. You should feel it in your arms. If you’re not, you’re not getting an exercise. 😉
  • Situps. 3 sets of 10 abdominal core crunches.

And let’s give the legs some attention..

  • Jogging on the spot. (or jogging if you prefer that.). 60 seconds in 2 sets.
  • High knees. We start simple, so 10 reps is okay for today.

It’s lunchtime!

A brisk walk for 20 minutes. I’m guessing you have a lunch break that you want to make the most of. Don’t we all want a longer lunch break. Well, fit in this 20 minute walk.

  • Situps. 3 sets of 10 abdominal core crunches.
  • Pushups. Do 10 pushups, if you’re able to, do another set.

Good evening!

You just had your dinner and let it digest for a while. Or you just arrived home from work and are starving. All I need is 10 minutes of your time.
We will continue with the core workout, as follows:

  • 10×2 side situps with crossed legs, arm to knee.
  • 10×2 squats.
  • 10 lunges, each leg.

Awesome work!

You have just completed day 2 of the 42 day workout.

Remember the diary!

Add your progress to your diary. Mention what you found difficult and what came easy to you.
The intensity you will continue with depends entirely on own personal progress. You are only competing with yourself. Keep picturing that beach with you swaggering down it with headds turning to check you out.

You are already well on your way to become more fit.

See you tomorrow. 😉

Tomorrow it’s time for day 3 of the 42 day workout plan.

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat