42 Day Workout – Day 4

Walking to a future of fitness.

Walking to a future of fitness.

You have reached day 4 of the 42 day workout, good work! With the exercises you have done so far, including the frequency of them, it’s very likely you are feeling a bit sore. Remember that it takes time to get fit. Especially so if you’re starting from the point of very little physical exercise.

This is what IT Pro Workout is here for, show you a path to better fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Morning, Lunch or Evening

Today we are going to take it easier. We will focus on two exercise only, and the first one is..
Walking. Yes, you read it right. Walking. But I want you to walk for 45 minutes minimum at a fairly brisk pace. Whether you choose to work to or from work, or to go for a long walk in the evening, it doesn’t matter.

And while you walk, I want you to figure out the three main reasons why you want to get fit. Is it because of a general change of lifestyle? Are you practising for a fitness event? Maybe you have decided that you’re done with the sedentary lifestyle.

Your goals are yours. They are personal and they matter. I want you to write them down and I want you to keep those in mind as you continue with the workout.

Oh, by the way, the second exercise, this one just before bedtime!

3 times 10 squats, and in each set I want you to hold the 10th squat for 10 seconds!
Complete the exercise with lunges, 3 times 10 side lunges.
That’s right buckaroo! No one said this would be an easy ride. But the rewards some 40 days from now when you will look at yourself in the mirror. Hot.

Tomorrow it’s time for day 5 of the 42 day workout plan.

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat