42 Day Workout – Day 5

Kettlebell squat

Kettlebell squat

Welcome to day 5 of the 42 day workout! You have almost completed the first week, good job!

Good morning (or evening)

I bet you are all relaxed after yesterday’s fairly simple workout. Today we rock’n’roll again! We will focus on your core and your arms. Here we go with the first loop in our circuit training for the day!

Bicycle crunches. 50 repetitions in 2 sets.
This will give your oblique abs some resistance. Remember those? The muscles you rarely give a good training. We are changing that right now.

Plate twist. 20 repetitions (for each side) in 2 sets
This is a fun one which you will use your kettlebell for. Make sure you turn slowly and don’t overreach. You want to give your oblique abs a good stretch and feel the tension in your abdominals.

Pushups, 10 repetions in 2 sets.
Back to the standard pushup to work those biceps. Standard pushups with straight legs. Lower yourself to within 10 cm of the floor, hold for a second and then up again.

Kettlebell snatches, 10 repetitions (each arm) in two sets.
Time for the intensive and explosive kettlebell snatch. This is a full-body power exercise that will quicken your pulse!

And around we go! Time for the 2nd part of this circuit training

Pushups. 10 repetitions in 2 sets.
We turn our attention to our biceps again. Toning and building muscles at the same time.

Kettlebell single arm deadlift. 10 x 4 for each arm.
This will workout your back, core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Kettlebell Goblet squat. 10 repetitions x 2 sets.
Again we are working out the core, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and shoulders.

Pause. Remember your goals.

Remember the reasons for joining this fitness workout plan? The ones you wrote down yesterday. Good, you are well on your way to keeping that promise to yourself. It’s end of day 5 and we only have two more days before you have completed the first week!

Psst. Remember the diary.

Importan for today: How do you feel? Are you starting to feel stronger? More flexible? Both? Also add any comments that you find relevant to your progress. We will go through it all at the end of day 7.

Feeling tired? That’s a good thing! Now make sure to go easy on your body for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is a new day to work on your beach body. 🙂

Tomorrow it’s time for day 6 of the 42 day workout plan.

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat