42 Day Workout – Day 6



Welcome to day 6 and chillaxing day

After yesterday’s fierce core workout, it’s time to allow your muscles to rest.

You still need to work your cardio, though. So for today I want you to squeeze in..

  • 20 minutes of quick walking.


  • 20 minutes of swimming.


  • 20 minutes of fast race biking.

You get the point. Get your heart rate up but don’t strain your muscles too much. By doing any of the above cardio exercises you will increase your flexibility as well as your stamina, while at the same time allowing your core to rest. Well, at least compared to yesterday’s exercise session. 😉

Oh, and yes, you do work your muscles, but these three cardio exercises are fairly nice to your muscles.

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat