When someone asks why this site exists, I answer..

Here to help you stay fit although you have a demanding IT job that lacks physical exercise. That’s what IT Pro Workout is all about!

To elaborate. I’m an IT guy with about 20 years in the industry. With a wide interest span in the field of IT and development, a lot of my time is spent sitting down. Or, sometimes, standing around (with a desk that can be raised). Still a very inactive lifestyle, hours at an end. Now, I like being active and working out. However, over the years (20 odd..) I have noticed that it can be quite a challenge to have a healthy and fit lifestyle while at the same time pursuing a real interest in computers.

IT Pro Workout is my answer to the sedentary challenge for IT professionals.

I have tried plenty of fitness paradigms, several sports, and different routines. I have also changed my diet several times, to see how my body reacts to the various methods.

IT Pro Workout is my way to learn and improve my active lifestyle. I want to share insights and encourage discussions about how to stay fit and active, at the same time being able to do everything IT that we enjoy so much.

Photos and videos to the rescue!

It’s easy to talk about getting fit. Many people to. But with imagery to show tips and tricks as well as progress, procrastinating becomes more difficult. Get over the “planning” phase and start actually doing fitness exercises. Find what works for you. No one’s the same. With various obligations and lifestyles for us IT professionals, tailoring the fitness exercises and schedules is really up to you. I can share some advice though, tested over time and with plenty of experience of finding optimal fitness plans. 😉