Walking up stairs.

So you have used the step counting app on your phone lately. You became all excited when you first started it up and began counting steps. Maybe you had a daily goal for number of steps. As the first days and weeks passed by, you saw some progress. You increased the daily goal just so […]

An empty gym.. Do you really need it?

To “go to the gym” can easily become a project that never materializes. How often have you heard someone saying that they will “begin” going to the gym next week. After they have bought the right clothes and the gym membership? Maybe the procrastination is competing with hobbies or meeting friends. The fact that a […]

Euros balancing a potato.

So you are trying to get fit and you have learned that to do so, your food habits are as important as the physical workout. This time we are going to look into a method for achieving control over your food habits as well as your expenditure. At the same time we will also map […]

No more dieting.

Please, you’re not going to tell your friends the same worn out New Year’s Eve resolution, are you? Are you really going to bore them again? Pathetic, some would say. Optimistic, others would say. But you do know that when you promise something, you’re meant to keep it. And if you promise yourself, well, you […]

Running in autumn.

It’s autumn again and the glory of our mahogany coloured bodies are beginning to wane. The sun dips beneath the horizon earlier every day. And we decrease our parading about with sunglasses showing of our tanned bodies. At the same time, Netflix, sitting in bars and restaurants indulging ourselves with tasty food and drinks. As […]

Coming out of winter hibernation.

Over the winter months we all get used to more layers of clothes. Christmas and New Year’s Eve make their entrance with food and drink in plenty. Many gain weight those crucial winter months before and just after the turn of the year. Then.. Spring arrives! You start stripping off the layers of clothing only […]

Woman standing with laptop

We all assume routines in our daily work in front of computers. It’s a real challenge to change routines and to remember your physical wellbeing. All you’re doing is to try and get some work done, right? But the more time you spend in front of the screen, the more you have to make sure […]

Streetlamp in autumn.

It’s autumn again and the suntan of the summer is long gone. For those of us who were super sporty and doing outdoorsy sports in summer, this is the season of more indoor fitness activities. So what can happen? What usually happens for many enthusiastic fitness IT professionals.. We spend more time in front of […]

Man resting between exercise cycles.

  You have heard about them both but not really bothered to learn more about what they really mean. It’s time to understand some key differences as you are on your path to be a fit IT professional. If you have already tried both, you probably noticed that both are designed to use exercise cycles. […]

Skinny jeans, really?

For several years I have watched as skinny jeans invade clothing stores. They are stubborn and hold their ground in the most visible sections of most clothing stores I go to. And time and time again I ask myself, who is really that skinny? I’m not, that’s for sure. My thighs are muscular beauties. They […]

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat