Running along

Mornings can be challenging. Sometimes one wants a applause just for getting up in time and not having to rush through the morning routine before the long day ahead. However, I have found over the years that by getting up even earlier to workout, has actually helped me in several ways. Check out my three […]

Kettlebell workout

HIIT combined with strength training leads to burning calories beyond the time you are working out. You are simply using different energy systems in your body for the two types of workouts. Whereas strength training builds muscle mass, HIIT works on the heart rate. The underlying explanation is of course the elevated heart rate as […]

Christmas food

It is that time of year when we are all looking forward to Christmas food and a few well deserved days of peace and calm. But how does that combine with your efforts to stay fit? Let’s check out five ways you can make sure that you keep your fitness momentum while at the same […]

No more dieting.

Take this quiz to check your knowledge about calories!

42 Day Workout Plan - Day 1

Anyone can begin to workout. Most people choose to work on their fitness level at one point or another. But the number of people who stay on track, who are consistent with their fitness plan, that number is much lower. So what to do? You will have to learn how to focus and how to […]

Walking up stairs.

So you have used the step counting app on your phone lately. You became all excited when you first started it up and began counting steps. Maybe you had a daily goal for number of steps. As the first days and weeks passed by, you saw some progress. You increased the daily goal just so […]

An empty gym.. Do you really need it?

To “go to the gym” can easily become a project that never materializes. How often have you heard someone saying that they will “begin” going to the gym next week. After they have bought the right clothes and the gym membership? Maybe the procrastination is competing with hobbies or meeting friends. The fact that a […]

Euros balancing a potato.

So you are trying to get fit and you have learned that to do so, your food habits are as important as the physical workout. This time we are going to look into a method for achieving control over your food habits as well as your expenditure. At the same time we will also map […]

No more dieting.

Please, you’re not going to tell your friends the same worn out New Year’s Eve resolution, are you? Are you really going to bore them again? Pathetic, some would say. Optimistic, others would say. But you do know that when you promise something, you’re meant to keep it. And if you promise yourself, well, you […]

Running in autumn.

It’s autumn again and the glory of our mahogany coloured bodies are beginning to wane. The sun dips beneath the horizon earlier every day. And we decrease our parading about with sunglasses showing of our tanned bodies. At the same time, Netflix, sitting in bars and restaurants indulging ourselves with tasty food and drinks. As […]

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  • Kettlebell squat
    Kettlebell squat